Internet Marketing Branding – Choosing the Right Photo

To put the value of your photo selection in black and white — your photo matters. The photo you choose to display on your website, in your business links and on your articles will determine the quality of responses you get from your business online.

Black and White —

The Arts have it. If you’re working in an artistic industry where you have the option of empowering your choices with creative influence, by all means, break out the black and white. Boldly target your audience with your best features and create an artistic venue for your brand recognition photo. Delve right into the artistic power of asymmetry and allow the creative side of your vision to become visible to the multitudes.

Color Blocked Geometric —

Laughable as it may be, the Joker’s color blocked face betrayed the nation with an element of artistic awareness that belied the seductive qualities of the Joker’s true nature. When cutsy became ballzy, the defiance of seductive cover-up sent a new market productive evidence. Prosperity becomes a mute point when brand recognition stares defiantly into the face of logic. Color Blocked design works, if you’re gutsy enough to attempt it.

Sienna Demure and Archaic —

Aged with quality assurance and dependability. The mere act of aging a photo adds resilient credibility to the business owner. Once your credibility is proven, brand recognition becomes obvious.

“What? You haven’t heard of Sienna Demure?” she asks in a stunned voice, “they’ve been around simply forever. In fact, I’m certain my grandmother purchased from Sienna Demure. Perhaps you should give them a try?”

Are you really going to admit you’ve never heard of Sienna Demure before? It would get you in trouble.

Boring Reality Pic —

Or, you could simply select a boring reality picture that drives your image home in today’s market.

The choice is yours…