Internet Marketing Branding – Three Tips to Build Your Authority With Your Blog

Being successful in online marketing has become harder and harder in the last years, since the number of acknowledged experts and gurus grows at an exponential rate. The only way to find a place for your business in this jungle is by branding yourself and your company.

One of the best instruments to do this is a blog. With little or no effort you can easily verify that any so called “guru” has not only web pages offering his products and his coaching, but also a blog, on which he publishes free content and keeps his audience updated on the latest news concerning his business, his products and, in a more general way, what’s happening in his field of expertise.

In simple words, a blog is not only a mean to communicate and share, but also a way to build authority and brand.

Here are three tips you can apply to strengthen your position and your authority on the marketplace.

1) Be authentic and spontaneous
Write about you, your passions and interest. A good idea would be adding the story of your life. Help your readers connecting with you.

2) Clarify your purpose
About page, write down what are you doing this for, what you want to achieve. Specify your goals and the means you’re putting in place to reach them

3) Collect your branding weapons
Collect the links to all your main pages on social bookmarking sites and all your author pages on article directories. Create a press room page collecting your press releases and news. Collect a copy or a link to all the articles you publish outside the blog. With these tools you will make your blog a strong point of reference for your image and brand.

These are three of the main strategies I learned to improve the authority status of my blog.