Marketing Brand – Getting to the Heart of the Matter

Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.”
Albert Einstein

How does that brand feel?

Sometimes the obvious isn’t all that matters when you brand your product. What may be visible to the commoner off the street may not be what you want to present to your customer. When this happens, close your eyes and let your heart view the product. Allow how you feel about your product to emerge and proliferate the brand that will effect marketing power.

What you love, should be shared.

When you project the emotion you feel about your product into the development and design your client understands the intrinsic value of your enthusiasm.

It’s difficult to purchase a car from a salesman who appears apathetic about his product. Put the enthusiasm you feel about your product in to your marketing efforts and allow your customers to understand why they should purchase it from you.

Package Quality; Show the value.

When a product is packaged with care, concern, and consideration for the buyer, you get their attention, before they test the product. They know you care.

A good friend who sells teacup novelties wraps each item in a soft rose print tissue paper and packages it with tender loving care. You know she cares about your enjoyment of her product because from the moment you cut the tape, each step that takes you closer to her product in increasingly enticing. From the delicate aroma of rose petals to the pretty pastel ribbons attached to delicate tags and labels, elegance and quality are her trademark; brand.

Give from your heart.

The secret of sales is understanding the gift. When you sell a product you firmly believe in, you are giving a gift of your understanding, to a person who needs what you offer. What they receive is value in place of their money.

Recognize the value of your product and know its worth.

When you perceive the actual value of your product, price it accordingly and offer valuable incentives to purchase your product, your customer feels valued. When you’re able to give the customer credible value, your product becomes worthy of their purchase. Sales is less about the product and more about the attitude with which the product is sold. Where is your value placed?